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Before the attack of the The Ultra-Loungematic Superchair, and way before Transformers… Shia had to face the attack of the buffer.

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That time Louis caught Ren’s boyfriend cheating on her on film in order to humiliate her on live public television.


"Did you drop the L-bomb?"

"Learning Together!" Disney Channel commercial (2002) with Shia LaBeouf. 

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Does anyone know where you can download the entire Even Stevens series for free?! I accidentally deleted my folder with all the episodes. Since the government got all snippy and removed megaupload, I can’t find them online anywhere! I am seething…

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THE EVEN STEVENS MOVIE is airing TONIGHT on Disney Channel at Midnight! Tune in!

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Looks like classic Disney reruns are here to stay! Disney Channel’s twitter account just announced Throwback Thursday! Kicking off TONIGHT with Even Stevens @ Midnight! Tune in!

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lookatthisimacowardtoo said: What time is even stevens on? Central time!!! I neeeeed to know. :)

Check your local listings! For us, it’s Midnight - EST!

Extremely cool to see how many people are excited about Even Stevens being back on the Disney Channel tonight! It’s important to tune in! Let’s make sure the ratings are so high, that Disney will realize we miss the old shows and want them back!

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Looks like Disney randomly added some classic shows to their Wednesday lineups for the next few weeks. Be sure to watch them because maybe they'll continue it!

In honor of Disney Channel’s 30th Anniversary, Influenza: The Musical has been chosen as one of the most influential moments in Disney Channel history!

For the first time in years, it will be airing TONIGHT (4/17) @ MIDNIGHT! Tune in! High ratings could possibly increase chances of other classic Disney reruns!

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Anonymous said: if a chicken had lips, could it whistle

I think this might be the most asked question on here. :)

…I’ll ask myself on the bus ride home.